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The Scholarship Committee would like you to click on the link the below to learn what the MIAAA has available to its members and their students.  The form and information has been updated on August 10, 2017.  

Application form can now be completed on the computer.



Scholarship Guidelines and Application form - information updated 12/12/18


2019 Winners

Maya Albright

Lauren Freeland

Meredith Moore

Garren Lattig

Jakob Southworth

Jacob Veale



2018 Winners

Celia Gaynor

Rachel Isom

Kendall Jordan

Tyler Driesenga

Connor Nugent

Benjamin Schmidt


2017 Winners

Hope Baldwin - Hackett Prep HS - State award winner, Section 4 award winner and National award winner - National award presentation in December 2017 in Phoenix, Arizonia

Summer Eubank - Belding HS

Jasmine Harper - Clare HS

Jonathan Lutchka - Grass Lake HS

Tait Morrissey - Big Rapids HS

Trevor Roznowski - Alpena HS




2016 Scholarship Winners


2015 Scholarship Winners Information 

Kevin Greenman picture

Annie Reed picture

Christopher Wells picture

Colleen Willson picture


2014 Scholarship Winners Information

Bailey Baker picture

Evan Brennan picture

Max Schwegman picture

Samantha Swanson picture


2013 Scholarship Winners information

Ashley Carney picture

Taylor  Janssen picture

Michael Broderick picture


2012 Scholarship Winners information 

Andrew Mallery picture

Jordan Sargent picture

Josph Hage picture

Julie Gilbert picture


Jordan Sargent Press Release

Jordan Sargent & Mike Bakker award