It is time for the membership of the MIAAA to get involved and call your local Representative -- below is what is happening when someone does not like our rules and they want to make changes - -



The MHSAA Transfer Rule is under attack by Representative Jim Tedder of Clarkston.  Today, Rep. Tedder  introduced the attached House Bill 5393 to the Education Reform Committee.   Bill 5393 states: (1) Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, a School District, Intermediate School District, or Public School Academy shall not prohibit a pupil from participating in interscholastic athletic activities because that student transferred regardless of the reason for the transfer.  Discussion on this Bill will continue next week. 


It also states: (2) That boards may not adopt a resolution or enter into an agreement that prevents compliance with subsection (1).  

The goal of Bill 5393 is to prohibit public schools from enforcing the MHSAA Transfer Rule.  There are many concerns with Bill 5393.  
1.  It does not include non-public schools.
2.  It will create more animosity between schools as athletic transfers will increase by season and will be completely unregulated.   Under Bill 5393, a student could play for a different school for each sport season, each year by transferring at the conclusion of each season.
3.  It will create chaos for administrators and counseling departments with the number of students moving school to school and the changes in classes and records with the change in enrollment.  
4.  It negatively affects both schools by displacing current students from teams at the new school and disrupting programs at the previous school.
5.  It would create a situation similar to Florida where there is no transfer rule and schools refuse to schedule each other because of students transferring for athletic motivated reasons.
The MHSAA Transfer Rule is not perfect, but having no rule for public schools is not the answer to the current issue.   The Bill was created because a high profile athlete transferred into the school district that Rep. Tedder represents.  The athlete was deemed ineligible by the MHSAA.   
Please contact your legislator immediately and let them know you oppose Bill 5393 and that school districts support the MHSAA Transfer Rule.  To find contact information for the House of Reps. go to:
The Senate is also looking at a similar bill that will be introduced by Senator Pavlov. The link to find your Senator is:  It is important that our elected officials hear from their constituents quickly.  If you have any questions please contact an Executive Board member.  We ask that you please forward to other school personnel including: Superintendents, Principals and Athletic Directors.  Thank you for your support of Educational Athletics.